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Significantly invigorate the appearance and feel of your skin through the help of Ice Elements 2-Minute Miracle Gel. This remarkable skin care treatment provides unique technology that allows you to experience a noticeable improvement in just one single use! You'll delight in an intensive, deep cleansing beauty therapy with soothing aloe vera, all-natural botanical ingredients and hyaluronic acid.

Ice Elements 2-Minute Miracle Gel delicately exfoliates old skin debris, eliminates dulling debris and excessive skin oils. It is loaded with natural moisture to help hydrate the skin, leaving it refreshed and vibrant. Ideal for use by both men and women, this sensitive skin friendly formula helps your complexion appear brighter, softer and glowing.

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  • Skin Is Smooth, Soft And Appears Healthy
  • Complexion Is Illuminated
  • Pores Appear Less Visible
  • Fine Lines And Wrinkles Are Minimized
  • Skin Texture Looks More Even


2-Minute Miracle Gel will restore and maintain the appearance of your skin’s youthful characteristics using our gentle, yet effective skin exfoliating system. Your skin longs to be rid of its dull, drab top layer of dead cells so it can generate new skin cells through its natural healing process. This miracle gel will deliver amazing results in just 2 minutes!

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How 2-Minute Miracle Gel Works

Ocean Avenue's 2 Minute Miracle Gel ismade with their exclusive 3.1 Skin Complex™—three powerful ingredients, one daily solution.

Formerly a top-selling product on HSN® and now available exclusively through Ocean Avenue, the 2-minute miracle gel has been reformulated for even better results! Working directly with Ice Element's creator, Shelly Maguire, they have created their own powerful blend of ingredients utilizing optimal amounts of Antarcticine®, Aloe Extract, and KBGA (Klamath Blue Green Algae). These three ingredients have been intelligently combined to produce the unique 3.1 Skin Complex™. When used daily you can sustain moisture and protect your skin with Antarcticine®, feed your skin with Aloe Extract, and repair/restore your skin with the beneficial amino acids found only in KBGA.

Antarcticine® Discovered in 1988, Antarcticine® has recently come to light for it's bioprotective properties. In nature, Antarcticine® serves as a protector of small micro-organisms, shielding them from the harsh Arctic conditions. Now imagine utilizing these bioprotective properties to protect your skin from the harsh conditions of everyday life: sun damage, pollution, poor diet, and the inevitable signs of aging.There a several beneficial skin effects (such as wrinkle reduction) due to Antarcticine®'s ability to help the skin retain water and prevent dryness common with aging. Antarcticine® also aids in the increase of collagens, as well as elastin, which improves firmness, decreases the signs of wrinkles, and creates overall healthier-looking skin.

Aloe Extract Aloe is a self-sustaining ingredient with the ability to thrive in the most brutally hot and dry climates due to the components which feed it internally. We've taken our aloe one step further than traditional delivery methods due to the way it is processed. Our aloe is harvested, picked, and processed right on-site within a critical two-hour window to ensure quality. Processing aloe within this time frame is the only way to take advantage of the product in it's most powerful form. Aloe helps your skin in a number of ways: mucopolysaccharides aid in binding moisture into the skin, amino acids soften hardened skin cells, zinc acts as an astringent to tighten pores, and aloe's moisturizing effects are second-to-none.

KBGA (Klamath Blue Green Algae) KBGA is naturally grown in an area that has often been referred to as the most mineral rich place on the planet: Klamath Lake in Oregon. KBGA contains what is considered to be a perfect amino acid panel (all essential and non-essential amino acids). As we mentioned earlier, amino acids aid in softening and restoring your skin. With the complete amino acid panel found in KBGA, you can rest assured you are providing your body with the most complete, natural source on the market.

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For the past 8 years over $100,000,000 of the “2 Minute Miracle” has been sold through the Home Shopping Network. Now it can ONLY be sold through an Ocean Avenue Distributor.

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